ABout Us

Our mission is to make the outdoors fun, safe, and accessible to everyone.

What started as personal collections of technical guides, gear comparisons, and trip reports has grown into a community resource to help hikers, backpackers, climbers, mountaineers and canyoneers find all the know-how to make their next mission a success. Whether it’s learning a new knot or finding that next piece of gear, Ridge & Canyon is your digital resource for an outdoor world. 

We created this site to be a helpful resource for our fellow adventurers, and hope you enjoy your stay here! We love to hear from our readers, so feel free to contact us, comment on each article, and connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Co-Founder & CEO

Mike B.

Mike is the co-founder and CEO of Ridge & Canyon. He grew up fishing, camping, and hiking all over the Northeast. After obtaining degrees in Business Finance and Exercise Science from California State University, he started several small businesses while pursuing a fully remote lifestyle.

Now an avid rock climber, backpacker, and snowboarder based out of California, he co-founded Ridge & Canyon to share his passion for outdoor adventures with like-minded people from all over.

Co-Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Rachel H.

Rachel is the co-founder and Editor-In-Chief of Ridge & Canyon. She grew up spending her summers reading, writing, and fishing on the Atlantic before moving to California and picking up a backpacking addiction. Her goal is to hike the PCT, and travel the world by sailboat exploring new countries and mountains.

Rachel co-founded Ridge & Canyon to find an outlet for her writing passion and share her love of the outdoors with others. She's usually either hiking or snowshoeing somewhere in the mountains when she's not fixing our grammar and spelling.

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Gear Tester & Contributor

Sarah S.

Sarah grew up in Denver, where she gained a love for all things outdoors. She graduated from UC Denver with a degree in Communications. She has spent the last 10 years working as a content strategist, writer, and communications director all while pursuing freelance writing. This over-achiever is planning to "retire" soon to travel and write full-time.

Sarah is our self-proclaimed gear addict. She loves breaking in (and breaking altogether) new gear, and documenting her ventures to help others find that perfect piece of gear. Depending on the season, you can usually find her canyoneering in Utah, kayaking the Colorado River, snowboarding at Keystone, or hiking a 14er.

Marmot Deterrents & General Ruckus-Makers

Harley & Maggie

Far more than just mascots, Maggie & Harley are trail and mountain companions that never seem to stray far - except when chasing off vermin! They make sure food is stored properly, test alpine lake temperature, and maintain our trail pace. Their favorite destination is the Eastern Sierra, but they don't seem to mind the local parks and trails.